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Electric - Its chemical effect | Electric - Its Heating Effect

 Inside the glass bulb, a tiny conducting coiled coil of tungsten wire having high resistance is fitted and is called filament of the bulb The filament rests on two tiny wires called supporters and its ends are connected to leads through which electric current passes. The leads and filament supporters are fixed to a glass support, as shown in Fig. 8.18 and the upper portion is sealed with glass. Above the seal, an aluminium cap is attached and the leads are connected to the top of the cap as two terminals. On the lateral sides of the aluminium cap, two small projections are provided diametrically opposite to each other to help in fixing the bulb to its holder. As the resistance of the filament is much higher, it gets red hot and then emits. light when electricity is passed through it.   2. An Electric Stove: An electric stove consists of a porcelain base fixed in a casing and a filament fixed in the groove of the base. The filament is a long thin coiled wire and has high resistance. Th

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