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aneroid barometer

  This aneroid barometer does not contain any liquid. it is convenient to use because it is very light in  weight and Protable .  Principle-...

 aneroid barometer diagram

This aneroid barometer does not contain any liquid. it is convenient to use because it is very light in weight and ProtablePrinciple-bleaching and atmospheric pressure by elasticity of metal. 

What is aneroid barometer?

The use of mercury in barometers makes the instrument quite heavy. Furthermore, the instrument has to be always held vertical. Due to these reasons, a mercury barometer is not portable. Aneroid barometer, which does not use any liquid, is light and can be fixed in any orientation. The aneroid barometer consists of a sealed metal box made of a corrugated iron sheet which is partially evacuated. The corrugated sheet acts as a diaphragm. From the middle of the diaphragm a thin rod is connected to the upper end such that the teeth of this rod fit into the teeth of a wheel, connected with a pointer. The pointer moves over a circular scale which is calibrated using a standard barometer. 

 When the atmospheric pressure increases, the surrounding air presses the diaphragm. Due to this, the diaphragm gets depressed. The pointer moves due to the rotation of the wheel in clockwise direction. 

What is aneroid barometer and its use 

When the atmospheric pressure decreases, the bulging of the diaphragm leads to the movement of the pointer in an opposite direction.  

Aneroid barometer construction and working 

The aneroid barometer is basically operated by a metal cell that contains very small amount of air or a series of such cells joined together. One side is fixed to the base of the instrument while the other side is connected with a system of levers and pulleys. These levers and pulleys are connected to a pointer that moves over a scale fixed at the front side of the instrument. 

 Any change in pressure alters the thickness of the cells.

Advantages of an android barometer Over a simple Barometer 

  1. The aneroid barometer does not use any liquid, hence, no spillage of liquid can take place 
  2. Errors due to differential expansion of the liquid and the glass container are avoided in an aneroid barometer,  
  3. The aneroid barometer is free from defects caused by impure or moist mercury.  
  4. The aneroid barometer is compact, light in weight and portable, and hence can be carried anywhere easily.  
  5. It can be fixed in any plane unlike the mercury barometer which has to be fixed only in an upright position. 

Disadvantages of the android barometer 

The measurement of the atmospheric pressure made by this barometer is not accurate.

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